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Live to pixel, in other words, live stream video to pixel is an media art project about mainstream media censorship. My name is Baran Gulesen I created the software because I can imagine "What was Happening" In Turkey in 28 May to 3 June in 2013. ( read more... ) The page which is on your screen is all about the project. How ? & Why ? in technically & artistically.

"Live to Pixel" is a repercussion project, it is a way to communicate people's imagination. It is a software, build with open-source development environment processing that called PDE. It reduces video streaming resolution in real-time. It is a kind of a portable video art project. Pass-true into reality to the pixel world. It provides to watcher many different perspective when it converts reality into screen with a some kind a compression method. What you expect them or just dream. There is no border and limits into visual materials to see your facts. In other worlds, I wrote a software which is 600 pixel width and 600 pixel height screen dimension breaks into pieces video stream to rows and columns. Imaginary rows and column equal to screen width and height that divide to video scale and fill in colors in my computational sketch jargon. In addition, dive into deep and read my code structure and follow my code comments, you can easily discover my code in this way. If you have any question more about the project please take a look at my reference links and contact with me. Thanks to stop my brain station.

2HOW ?

We have only numbers in computer world. To use it, must be stored in array. Array containing the values for all the pixels in the display window. These values are of the color datatype. This array numbers is the size of the display window in pixel. For example, if the image is 100x100 pixels, there will be 10000 values and if the window is 200x300 pixels, there will be 60000 values. The index value defines the position of a value within the array. For example, the statement color b = pixels[230] will set the variable b to be equal to the value at that location in the array.

In processing language, each pixel on the screen having an X and Y position in a two dimensional window. However, the array pixels has only one dimension, storing color values in linear sequence.

Live to Pixel, sets each pixel size of each cell in the grid. There are imaginary columns and rows in our coordinate system and hold on to live video stream in to them. Then setting up the appropriate color in the pixel array. Our imaginary cols and rows are 17 width * 17 height in the example video. Video stream dimension size automaticly placed to 600X * 600Y in processing. It is mean that the video stream produces 360000 little pixels in one frame in total, But if I divide the screen size (600) to imaginary cell size (35). There will fit into my new pixel world.

It results of 289 pixel and appropriate color in total. Our new colorful vision is 35 times larger than the old ones. It is my pixel world trick. With this method I converted numbers 600 * 600 to 17 * 17 in X & Y dimension and fit the color that came from video information. What is happening on the screen? By the way, Also added a little stroke weight for each square to show little more artistically. Please, take a look at the following picture to understand how pixel stored in display.

Following the example, I added two control sliders to interact with imaginary square's strokeWeight and visibility.

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Here is the Source Code

3WHY ?

People who use the software try to understand what is happening on the screen just like media censorship in 28 May to 3 June in 2013. Its visibility like a politics. I think that mainstream media tv channel wanted to tell us something and we don't get it. Otherwise, Why Turkey's mainstream media chose to show penguins rather than protests, penguin became relevant when police attempted to disperse the protesters gathered at the park with excessive pepper spray and pressurized water and the channel failed to cover the breaking news. And instead, what did some of broadcasting? A documentary about penguins. Live to Pixel is a repercussion project. Against to any media censorship. If you think just like tree, you will see, if you think a hotel, you will see exactly what you expect on the screen. I think that the software, Live to Pixel is your dreams. I just want to express my political views with a computer that I know.

My another aspect about the project is a my progression. It is ongoing project. It is a part of my previous studies. Live to Pixel which is a portable software. I did some kind of visual sketch before the finish live to pixel software, I have already done. Look at the following examples to reached my stages where, and what visual ideas inside here...

It is a well-known fact that I created, because people who live in Turkey has experienced the media censorship. It is very important problem to get reliable information. I know that the "PEOPLE KNOW HOW TO DREAM" It is fact, try the software. Unfortunately, the problem is How mainstream media make a fool of themselves! In addition, that is still ongoing . Check out my Kesin Bilgi web page to see uploaded pictures day by day What do the protesters.

What is happening on the screen is my last words about the why the software is an art project. There is a proverb that I know "Sen ne kadar bilirsen bil, Senin bildigin karsindakinin anladigi kadardir" said Mevlana also known as Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, and more popularly in the English-speaking world simply as Rumi. I try to translate the sentence Turkish to English "If you don't explain your ideas for your around with understandable ways, all you have completly useless information " That's all, like any other protest in Turkey, just like me. Because, media censorship is still in progress.

4CODE & Explanation

If you know how to bend processing code just do it. To do that copy the whole code and paste in to your processing sketch and run it. Processing will compile your code inside it. The code provides to you understanding how to create live to pixel with processing code side. Some functions is already defined in processing visit my references links. Just start with playing numbers in the code. It provides to you to understand my code's structure, which is which, how it effected on whole pictures. It is very effective to learn on your own. You can create your own structure with mine. If you have a question about that send me an e-mail. I can turn back to you as soon as posible to be friend. Have a nice journey.

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5Live to Pixel


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