∴  baran gulesen | 40 HZ

40 Hz is a WEB@RT Page

That web page include amazing generative sound and visual material. There are four functions on this computational artwork page. 40HZ is a trip to your journey, Deep bass sound and mad visuals makes you being crazy.



∴  baran gulesen | FOR NOW | ANIMATION

"For Now" is an animation film about the universe and life...

Director & Sound Design & Animation Programmer : BARAN GULESEN

∴ We don't know about two things
∴∴ When did it start ?
∴∴∴∴ When will it end ?
∴∴∴∴∴∴ Just for now...

∴  baran gulesen | EXPERIMENT II | AUDIOVISUAL

Experiment is a short video clip that was made by baran gulesen. This video was created 784 single images with Processing software. baran wrote "processing" code and made sound to experiment. I asked to him about the video and sound material. What is this, He said to me ;

"This is a mass computationally . It was made with some basic math princible. I realized with processing to write code. It is an amazing tool which is possible to create your imagination. You can create endless and interesting abstract images . This is absolutly greate to make video and also thinking any sound experiment. Anyway, I captured every single image and combine with video edit software. Resulting is an experiment for me. Enjoy for all."

What a nice visual and sound. As he always says Enjoy!
∴  baran gulesen | ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENT <

When I make music, I always try to change my mind, electronic is a greate tool to create something new. It is important to different perception. When I way to create something music or visual that instrument is very effected to creating process. "Sense of Touch", "Color", "Shape", and "How it look Like" are important. These all provides different behaviour for all.

I think that this process same for all artist. For example painters, designers, sculptors. They all use different instruments to make something new. To draw line, to cut different cloth, to brush canvas. That's why, when if you boring your instrument which is what ? You can change it to create something new. And it came to me different perception to control my shape of sound visual and data for computer. Because every apparatus provides different human behaviar.

This instrument is a midi device created or adapted for any purpose of making sound and visual material. This midi device base on m-audio radium midi keybord surface. I was used plexiglass to see components and keep in mind electronic is a amazing tool for creativity.

∴  baran gulesen | SUBNOISE

SUBNOISE was recorded in ISTANBUL
Release date: Jan 11, 1916
Recorded / Editted / Mixing / Mastered

SUBNOISE - SOUND MASS by barangulesen
∴  baran gulesen | ABSTRACT DNA | AUDIOVISUAL

ABSTRACT DNA is an computational drawing tool made with Processing. This is a part of audiovisual his perform.

∴  baran gulesen | EXPERIMENT

EXPERIMENT is a computational drawing program made with Processing.

∴  baran gulesen | Windows Media
Windows Media by barangulesen

Windows Media Song made with windows media library sound.
Enjoy !

∴  baran gulesen | KBMO Album Free Download
I'm very pleased to announce that the next full length baran gulesen album is complete with a release for October, 2011. All songs free for downloading.

Enjoy !

KBMO is a LIVE ELECTRONIC MUSIC PERFORM with a "crayz" dance show. This was presented in Cemal Resit Rey CONCERT HOLE ISTANBUL / TURKEY in 17 September 2010. Here is the album page

∴  baran gulesen | Spring Break

Spring Break by barangulesen

Artwork form his mother who is name Füsun Güleşen' art collections. This is different from all other baran gulesen's song. He is playing guitar...
enjoy all.

∴  baran gulesen | A Heavy Spring In Gravity

A Heavy Spring In Gravity by barangulesen

Absolutely different vocal feat Zeynep, Until the words entered make me feel tingling after that feeling regret.

∴  baran gulesen | @rt & @rtist Oct 11, 2010

@RT&@rtist by barangulesen

@rt & @rtist (art&artist) his second single work he try to explain what is art and artist. You should listen it is absolutely amazing. Also this song played on Elegance radio show in New York as a prime track of the show.

∴  baran gulesen | IGNORE SYSTEM

IGNORE SYSTEM by barangulesen

Robotics input heavy and powerful and angry like a bull standing, emotional melodies as if it were a person.

∴  baran gulesen | Goose Girl RMX

Goose/Girl-BrN+Remix by barangulesen

Enjoy !

∴  baran gulesen | DJSET with BrN+ Nick

This DJset prepared in 2009, He played with a laptop and some controller (Launchpad & UC-33) and visuals set with his digital drawing collection.

Currently: New EP "Sex Appeal" is very Soon!
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∴  IGNORE SYSTEM (Out, Mar 31, 2011)

∴  Dirty&Clean (Out, Dec 06, 2010)

∴  }buses{ (Out Aug 26, 2010 )

∴  H-COLORS (Out, May 25 2007)

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(Out, Jul 16, 2010)

A part of Istanbul (Out, Dec 08, 2009)

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